Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art Collaboration With Richard Wong, Watercolour Painter

The summer is a creatively inspiring time for me.  Yes, the warm sunny days seem to fire up my creative neurons.  But summer is inspiring for another reason - it's a popular time for art shows!  Doesn’t viewing other artists' work get your creative juices flowing, too?  Perhaps someone else's use of colour will inspire you... maybe it will be the use of an usual painting material, perhaps a new type of paper for water media... or a technique that is freshly interpreted.  

At this summer's art shows I met many artists and found them to be of generous spirit and genuinely interested in helping their fellow artists.  For example, I met Richard Wong - a local oriental brush and watercolor artist who has developed an unique style of painting on a special type of paper.  During October Richard will be having his first solo art show "Songbirds of Victoria" at Island Blue Art Store here in Victoria, as well as showing some of his work at The Gallery in Oak Bay Village.   Here's a look at some of his work --

"Finches & Sunflower" by Richard Wong; watercolour on masa paper

"House Finch" by Richard Wong; watercolour on masa paper
As you can see, Richard uses a special paper prepared in a unique way to create a "batik" type of background for his paintings.  Interesting effect, wouldn't you agree?

Richard and I discussed our mutual belief that there's a great benefit in artists working together - collaborating on projects and assisting each other toward mutual goals.  I was honoured when Richard asked if he could use some of my bird photos as inspiration/source material for some of his "Songbirds of Victoria" paintings.  Here are three paintings inspired by my photos:

"Chickadees 2" by Richard Wong; watercolour on masa paper 

"Robin & Blueberries" by Richard Wong;
watercolour on masa paper

"Thirsty Sparrow" by Richard Wong; watercolour on masa paper

Richard has many more paintings posted to his website (  Which is your favourite...?  Personally, the "Thirsty Sparrow" is my favourite... but perhaps when I see his next group of paintings I may decide I have a new favourite!  : )

I hope you've enjoyed being introduced to Richard's work.  I know I'm looking forward to seeing what he creates next, and to collaborating on future projects.

What's inspiring you creatively lately...??
: )  Fern


  1. Richards work is so delicate and light of touch. I particularly like the Chickadees - I think he's really captured a fleeting moment. Lovely work - thanks for sharing.

  2. Fern, thank you for sharing Richards work, I particularly like the effect on the paper he uses it makes them very engaging. I love all his bird series, especially the sweet pink Baby Robins and also Waterhole in his animal series.

  3. Yes, I love being inspired by other artists too. It's lovely to discover new ones so thanks for this! (P.S. I think I would feel very uncomfortable if someone asked to photograph me drawing! But I can understand why they would want a record of you creating your beautiful work...)