Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Creativity Takes a Tactile Turn

This post is coming to you from Phoenix, Arizona, USA as I am still vacationing there.  During the weeks I've been here I am witnessing a shift in my creativity.  Drawing and painting don't seem to interest me quite as much lately.  Photography is still a part of my life.  But I find myself much more interested in textile arts, as though there is a subconscious gravitation towards things that are more familiar from childhood... or perhaps things that are more comforting because they are textural. I wonder if it is an attempt to balance out all the newness and unfamiliarity of my current environment? 

My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about seven years old.  She introduced me to quilting when I was around 11 or 12 years old.  Perhaps the happy memories associated with these crafts are connecting me to home while I'm stay so many miles away? 

Regardless of the underlying reason, I am enjoying working with fibers again.  A friend is going to become a grandmother soon, so I started knitting a couple of baby hats on fruit and vegetable themes. 

Eggplant Hat

Strawberry Hat

Once the first two hats were done I started thinking of other fruit or veggies and wondering how I could translate them into hats.

Blue Berry Hat

Yellow Pepper Hat

On my needles right now is what I'm hoping will be a green apple.  I've been thinking how I'll finish the top so that there's a dimple where the stem and a single dark green leaf will attach.  Not sure it will turn out like I envision it, but it's fun to try new ideas out.

I've also started pieceing a hexagon or Grandmother's Flower Garden style of quilt in the English paper piecing technique.  Stitching by hand is very soothing to me.

I haven't a clear idea of what the finished design will look like.  It's going to develop rather organically, I think, and I'm very curious to see what it will turn out like. 

This past week I felt a small rekindling of my desire to draw or paint.  I visited the local art supply store to fuel the desire a bit, but for now the desire is a bit reclusive and I don't think pushing it is going to be beneficial.  Instead, I will go with the stronger drive to create textile arts and see where it leads.  I'll keep on reading art magazines and visiting the art supply store, and when the drive to draw and paint gets stronger I'll shift back to that.  Vehicles for creative expression come in many forms and I am learning the value of respecting and 'going with' the creative flow in whatever form it may take.

Here are some photos taken in Arizona.  Enjoy!

An Arizona Sunset

Bird Tracks in the Sand

Mourning Doves on a Fence

Flames create such interesting shapes

So let's see where our creativity takes us next!
: )  Fern