Sunday, January 1, 2012

More New Cards

Last post (almost a month ago now!) I promised you I'd share more of the new cards that I've had printed. Where does the time go...?  I intended to post them much sooner than this, but life didn't cooperate with that plan.  : )  So here at long last are the pictures of six others of my new cards!

This is a blank card with no text on the front so it can be used for any occasion

The last card -- the 'Thank you' card with the picture of the hawk on it -- is in response to people asking if I had a thank you card in my line that was more 'manly', or appropriate for giving a man who may not be interested in flowers. Hopefully this one fills the bill!

Last post Helen asked who printed my cards.  I am so thrilled to have my cards produced by Scott of 'Art Ink Print' in Victoria.  Scott runs what I call a 'boutique' print shop, because it's a small operation and is highly specialized. For my photo cards, colour saturation is extremely important to me. Scott understands that and guarantees top quality colour. I can order as few as 50 cards of one digital file.  My cards are printed on environmentally certified papers by a digital on-demand printing press -- a process which creates less waste, requires no harmful chemicals or cleaners and allows exceptional colour control.  And no, you don't have to live in Victoria to do business with Scott -- he can work with artists 'long distance'.

There are more cards yet to come.  People have inquired about packaged cards, such as a package of "Thank You" cards, or packages of cards with no text on them, so I have these new card designs being printed up in the next week and I'll share those images with you soon.

My posts for the next few weeks will be coming to you from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States.  I am enjoying the warmer weather and feel better for it, and am looking forward to the creative boost from being surrounded by an environment very different from the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Hey Lady,
    How are you enjoying the warmer elements. So glad you were able to relocate for awhile and hopefully get a healthy boost. : )

    Did you receive my email. Still trying to post to your other blog; think I've finally gotten it straightened out. I have family and my youngest granddaughter there in Phoenix, so maybe I can fly down and spend a couple of days with you and see Ronnie's youngest again. I've only seen her once and that was a year ago; so would be a great trip. Email me and let me know if you're able to accept a call on your cell phone. Love you much,